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Ninja fortress

This set is based on an earlier Lego system Ninja set and has the same mini figures and stone wall elements.

Has custom made staircase on bottom floor.

The fortress consist of 3 levels and is built on a 32 buy 32 plate.

Please support if you wish to see more of my work
and for this to become a buyable Lego product.

To help this project on its way to success, when supporting please enter large numbers for money you would pay for this as a set and how meany sets you would buy.


Please check out my other creations such as "compact city car series".
sorry about the low definition picture its just I can only upload 1.5 mb for some reason so if you no why I would very much like to no.

I apologise deeply for the missing 4 by 4 plate at the rear of the model.

This is the early set I based my model on.

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