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The Very Hungry Caterpillar


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It's a recreation of the world-famous Caterpillar. The very very very hungry caterpillar! 
It's build in old style LEGO, no fancy slopes or special parts are used. It's all made with basic bricks, with gives it more character and makes it a build for everyone! It can stand all by itself with no help, and looks stunning when placed in a kids room.

I did build this one because I have these 2 little kids in my house who just love the story. Every day before they go to bed they read the story with me, and then as a final ritual they give the caterpillar itself a little kiss. Now I made one in LEGO, they are just crazy about it! 

This would be a wonderful set, just because of its simplicity. And of course it' very recognizable. Also, its very very very easy to build, So imagine, a parent with a toddler building for their little sister or brother. Family building time! In a next update I will show how I made it.

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