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Viking 1 Mars Lander

In 1976 NASA's Viking 1 was the first fully successful Mars lander in history. It transmitted the first pictures from the surface of Mars back to Earth, and it operated on the Red Planet for over 6 years where it carried out biological experiments in the search for life. It was one of two identical Mars landers.
This LEGO model of the Viking 1 Mars lander has many details of instruments and cables. It has a scale of about 1:18. The hexagon shape of the lander and the three legs were a bit of a challenge to get right.
I hope you like my model of the Viking 1 Mars lander.

Number of pieces: 619

Length: 200 mm (7.87 in)
Width: 187 mm (7.36 in)
Height: 149 mm (5.87 in)

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