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Vintage Sewing Machine + Power Functions

This is a vintage sewing machine + power functions. I built it because my mother has an antique black Singer Featherweight sewing machine (from the 1950’s) and I told her I would build one for her out of Lego's and I have always wanted to have one my designs turned into an actual Lego set. It's a fairly simple build that actually works! The presser foot moves up and down and the handwheel spins!  I think it would be a great addition to Lego Ideas. There are many antique sewing machine collectors out there that would love to own this Lego creation!   Also, there are several generations of people (male and female) who have wonderful memories of their grandmothers, grandfathers (tailors), mothers, aunts, etc., who would love to own a Lego sewing machine reminding them of their loved ones. Plus, it is a lot lighter than inheriting an old family sewing machine (most do not care to hold onto them if they are not in great shape due to non-functioning, weight, space limitations, etc.).
With the events of 2020, a whole new generation and population of sewers emerged. These would include young people who also would probably love to have a Lego vintage sewing machine!
I think the addition of a sticker with a "Red S" logo would be great to add to the final set if possible.

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