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Micro Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands a small country most of which is under the sea level, so to reclaim some land we made dam. Behind the dam is a polder used as farmland like tulip fields. The mills on the dam are used to pump water from the river to the farmlands.

I was born in the Netherlands and love the country. So I wanted to make a small piece of the Netherlands for display. I picked this scene because it is probably the most recognizable bit of the Netherlands.

The build
The model is built on a 32x32 brown baseplate and is 7.5 bricks tall at its highest point. The build displays a couple of polder mills with a tulip field behind the dam. On the river, there is a small sailboat. On the other side of the river, you can see a small piece of meadow with some cows in it. The model is made with a total of 965 parts.

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