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My Ice Cream Parlor


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I love ice-cream very much and longing to have my own ice-cream parlor. 

With the very colourful ice-cream of different flavor, my approach to this stall is transparency. In order to attract more customers, I have full height glass shopfront with a pair of "automatic" sliding door,  curved corner with a revolving display cake stand and a take- away counter. Those are the special features of my stall.

To let in more sun-light to my parlor, there is an inclined skylight. The skylight could be open to let in natural ventilation as well.

Inside the shop, apart from the fridge counter for customer to select the ice-cream flavor. There was a wide range of add-on ingredient to the ice-cream at the back of the counter, bottle of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, vanilla sauce. The shop was also equipped with a juicer in case customer need some drinks.

At the back corner of the shop, there is a refrigerator to display the ice-cream cake and cartons of drinks. A standing table is provided for customer to enjoy their ice-cream inside the parlor.

If customers come when they walk their dogs, they can enjoy their ice-cream outside the parlor at the bar counter. Some can park their bike at the bicycle stand. 

Colourful paver was laid outside the parlor as another attraction.

This ice-cream parlor can also fit into the fabric of other LEGO modular houses. In some photos, I have another MOC Flower Shop arranged in different orientation to my ice-cream parlor.

Wish to have your support.

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