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PlayStation 1

REPOST of my 2023 project, which reached around 7000 supporters! I created this improved version, using exclusively original Lego bricks and techniques learned over the last year of studying and composing other sets.

The PlayStation. The first, beautiful, console that has made adults and children happy since 1994.

Even today, millions of people enjoy playing with this historic console brand. Five generations, one more innovative and beautiful than the other. Times when boxes were broken with Crash Bandicoot, mysteries were revealed with the most famous archaeologist in the world, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

Today the Playstation keeps these great classics alive for the nostalgic, but dedicates itself to new games with graphics very close to reality and breathtaking stories. It's nothing compared to those almost pixelated images, when you had to hope you had room left on your 1MB memory card, when online gaming didn't exist. It was you and your adventure on that square screen.

Much can be said about this simple console, yet there is no need. Just look at it to understand what we are talking about.

The set is made up of 835 bricks, a very faithful replica of the first PlayStation on which we can see the various power, lid opening and reset buttons. There is the iconic green LED which indicates that the console is on.

Among the essential accessories we find a pair of controllers (with cable and without analog sticks), and two memory cards! without these we were definitely lost.
I also had the pleasure of dedicating myself to the internals of the console. From the images we can see the body of the optical drive, the motherboard, the processor, the cables and the button pressing mechanisms.

I believe this could be a Lego set sought after by everyone, especially retro game enthusiasts. It is one of the most well-known objects in the world and having the opportunity to build it in bricks would be a dream come true!


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