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Arcadia Romantic Series


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Here is my new creation, Captain Harlock's Arcadia in the first animated series of 1978.
In this series Harlock fights the mazonian with the help of Tochiro and the whole crew made up of various characters with particular personalities, under the cry of freedom represented by the jolly roger flag.
Complete with everything and finished in detail, recreating everything more similar to the real one of the iconic series.
The turrets turn and the cannons move up and down, the dimensions have been respected as much as possible with what the lego construction allowed.
The result is very nice to me and I can't wait to actually build it and not just on the computer.
It took me 3 months to make with various problems to solve.
I added a support to be able to expose it, I also made minifigures (it is the first time I make them and they are not perfect, also Captain Harlock lacks the cape) and the command post.
Another update:
Added a black version
Good vision to all and good game

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