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Rockie - Keeping The Beat!



For this project I wanted to combine my love for electric guitar music, comics and LEGO. So I simply created a cartoonish looking character that has a passion for playing on his electric guitar - Rockie. 

The build consists of three parts - Rockie himself, his green mouse friend Mac and the guitar and amplifier. The guitar can be easily replaced with another guitar of your choice. 

Something that is special about this model is that Rockies head and neck is built so that it can wobble back and forth (it is the same kind of mechanism that I use in the Star Wars Bobbleheads project). So if you have some music on and tap on his head it makes it look as if he is keeping the beat to the music. The video above demonstrates how it works. 


Rockie is a teenager who dreams of becoming a great music star one day. "Practice makes perfect!" is his motto. So far his only fan is his mouse friend Mac who always sits and listens to his guitar play. He specifically enjoys playing rock music, but also other kinds of music like jazz and blues.


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