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Tiger Head Sculpture

Tigers are some of the coolest animals in the world!

In a 2004 poll by Animal Planet, Tiger is voted by the most people as their favorite animal, with dogs and dolphins following in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.
I wish to build a Lego sculpture capturing this beautiful animal’s facial features with high details and realism~!

About the model:
  • This Lego tiger head sculpture consists of 787 lego elements.
  • Using slopes, round tiles, angled plate elements, the model aims to capture the striking facial features of tiger. Priority is placed on realism and high details. Special techniques using hinged bricks, plates with technic pin connection, and brackets are utilized to get the shapes, angles, and proportions right.
  • Some of my favorite details are the round tiles representing the black/white stripes under the eyes; the 6 pink quarter tiles arranged to depict tiger’s nose shape; And the different sized and shaped fangs inside the tiger’s mouth, with the four bigger canines.
  • Behind the sculpture, I added a mesh of hexagons built with technic elements, with floral and leaf elements as background decoration. This is inspired by tattoo art combining animals with geometric elements and flowers. I think it adds life and beauty to the model, without distracting from the main model :)
  • The model has movable jaws, so the mouth can open wide for a more fierce look.
  • The model is 30 cm (11.8”)  tall, and 33 cm (13”) wide. At this scale and part count, making the full animal would exceed the part limit for IDEAS, so I chose to make a bigger head sculpture with more details. I am also thinking of creating a series of animal bust sculptures, featuring different beautiful species. But those would work better as other stand-alone projects.
  • Along with the main model, there is a paw print of the animal, built with arch and curve elements.
  • There is also a plaque with the information of the animal, including its scientific name, habitat, size, and diet.

If you want to make this Lego Tiger head sculpture yourself, please hit the Support button to vote for it as a real lego set.
Cheers to all Lego and animal fans!

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