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Cyberpunk Styled Umbrella City

The city of "Intrigue" was built within the crater left behind by a meteor centuries ago but since that time nature has only thrown more trials at the city. The rain has turned acidic and the city have retaliated by creating a shield over their city. the Canopy was built to be a temporary fix but that was almost sixty years ago now and so many buildings have surrounded the core that it is no longer able to close

  • the first floor of the city is primarily just mountain but a van is buried under it and it has since become someone's home and slightly above it is a short pier for trading in and out of the city.
  • the second floor has the security computers to disable the security measures to allow visitors into the city as well as some backup electrical generators for the city.
  • on the third floor you will find that the abandoned teal building has since sprouted a cherry blossom tree but if you look up from there you will see one of the city's wind powered generators and next to that the water purification silo.
  • the fourth floor has some TV screens advertising products to the people of the city and a yellow door that allows those leaving the core to look out over the balcony or instead someone could visit the small greenhouse on the balcony of this floor
  • the top floor just below the canopy is one of the most relaxing rooms in the city with its paper walls allowing just enough light into the room

This model is able to become a full umbrella in a similar way to the modular buildings but this doesn't attach to the modular's

If you like this design and would like to see it become a set please share this around, Thank you!

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