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Having a bird nest just outside our home with two lovely robins and their eggs that we watched hatch, I grew to love birds! I always wanted to build a cozy home for my feathery friends, but after finding I didn't have the right elements, I realized I could do it using LEGO'S! Eventually however, I discovered that I didn't have the right pieces.

During these times of quarantine, I have been really bored, so I decided to make use of my time and finally build my dream birdhouse. Due to a great shortage of Lego's, I became hyped when I found there was a Lego program, Mecabricks, that contained limitless Lego's of all types. This is my first build on the program. I had real fun building it and I hope other kids will have as much fun as I. I would really appreciate it if you support. Thanks!

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