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Cosmic Dreams


A sleek red rocketship inspired by the idealistic visions of space travel seen in the classic pulps and serials of the early 20th century such as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, because really, there's no nostalgia quite like nostalgia for something you weren't even alive for. Fly with dashing, lantern-jawed space martial Brick Richards, Sentry of the Ionosphere as he patrols the farthest reaches of our solar system aboard his personal rocketship, the Cosmic Dreams, ever-ready to defend the nations of earth from the dastardly schemes of evil space men from outer space in this astounding, strange world adventure!

Middle compartment opens up to reveal a rocketbike and a holder for Brick's raygun

I may actually make a Flash Gordon build at some point, if only because I figured out the perfect minifig looks for Flash and Prince Vultan while figuring out Brick's look and it would be a shame for that to go to waste.

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