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Old Crystal Mine


This is a lego mine that I Built using 247 Lego pieces.

The top of the mine is removable to make it easy to place Lego mini figures inside. In front of the mine there is a table for the coffee and the snacks. There is big yellow crystal in the mine and the details of the rocks are visible. The miners have some tools in a box to help them work in the mine.

These are tools such as a drill, pick axe, a hammer, a touch, binoculars, a spare light. There is a mine cart next to the mine, parking on the rails. You can open the cart's doors and put tools in it. There are 2 cave spiders at the entrance of the mine. There's a yellow gate at the entrance of the mine. Unauthorized persons cannot enter. There are two miner figures, one is standing guard, the other is mining.

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