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Scorpion Ridge Gold Mine

Welcome to the Scorpion Ridge Gold Mine! Look at all those scorpions! (There's four) Inside this project I have included a mass of elements and details created with playability and a bit of a higher level of skill to keep children and adults alike in mind.

This idea isnt just an open and shut model as It has three take down options!

Removable roof top, main cottage level and finally the base level featuring a mine shaft complete with gold studs coming out of the reddish brown walls a brick built track for the Mine car overflowing with gold and jewels!

The cottage features a simplified living experience along with the given amenities. Complete with a small fireplace and a brick built bull skull among other features.

The aim of this project is to get more of us interested in exploration and investigation partnered with wholesome rural living situations. The minifigure has a different pet. A chicken! You'll notice the chicken coop, and an older style pickup with some wood planks, axe, and chopping block in the bed.

I hope you enjoy Scorpion Ridge Gold Mine and much as I did building and designing it!

Any questions and comments are always welcome!

As always. Build on! 

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