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Worlds Apart

Worlds apart

This design includes 2 worlds - 1 Underworld and 1 Overworld.

The underworld is a haunted castle and has:

  • Booby traps
  • Vampires
  • Skeletons including one riding a flying ship that fires 6 bullets at once!
  • A girl exporting the underworld with her dog
  • A treasure room
  • A yellow brick road
  • A bedroom
  • A dining room

The overworld is an enchanted forest with:

  • A centaur
  • A princess
  • A witch
  • A half-ruined house
  • A magical well
  • A flower garden with guns disguised as flowers
  • A large living waterfall with 2 mysterious eyes looking out of the water
  • A magical tap spraying magic water
  • A half-golden/half-sand mini castle for the King of the Underworld who now lives in the Overworld with a little bird’s house with a little chimney
  • And a cheeky little spider

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