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Nick and Charlie’s bedrooms 🍂

A Heartstopper LEGO set based on Alice Oseman's beautiful creation. 😊
Support and this could become an official product! 


This is a large-scale build based on Heartstopper by Alice Oseman! The set includes brick-built figures of both Nick and Charlie, and features both of their bedrooms.

Both the graphic novels and the TV show were used as inspiration - always taking into account the original drawings first, before looking at the on-screen adaptation for extra decorations, details and colour. An article by set decorator Maxwell Fine was also very helpful!

The set features the important blue/yellow colour scheme, and Alice's iconic leaves are scattered around on custom printed pieces.

Further details:
  • Charlie's electric drum kit and neon music sign.
  • Nick's sports trophies and gaming console.
  • Fairy lights hung above Nick's windows.
  • Nick's beanbag and some of Nellie's toys.

More subtle references:
  • An umbrella.
  • An open copy of a Heartstopper graphic novel on Charlie's chest of drawers.
  • Book arrangements inspired by pride flag colours.

I hope you like it

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