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Duck Dynasty


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''Hey! I'm all about Legos, if you know what I mean''.

-Uncle Si

Hey Jack! Here's my first Lego Ideas project, based off of A&E's hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty. The duck call room is a double whammy because it has two scenes. The first is the duck call room (obviously) and the second is the outside wall with a parking lot.  

This set includes... 

  • Five minifigures, from left to right, Uncle Si, Martin, Jase, Jep and Johnny Godwin

Accessories  would include...

  • A basketball, a whole lot of duck calls, a sword, an ax, a chili dog for Godwin, a paddle, Si's tea cup, A large TV, a fan, scissors, and a "parking reserved for Si Robertson" sign

I think this would make a great LEGO set because this was a very popular TV. It has good playability but would also make a great display piece. It has a cool selection of minifigures that would be great for collectors. It also has some awesome accessories that are out of this world, and hey, that's a fact Jack!

Thank you for reading, and please support and share with everyone that you can, so that we can make this go Si-ral!

Stay tuned for my next project, "Going Si-ral."


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