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GM27 Supercar


What does it happen when you put together the models 8136, 8137, 8140, 8165, 8492, 8493, 8667, 8670, 42026, 42027 and a few other bricks?  Well, you create the GM27 Supercar!

It’s a supercar with 10 pull-back engines, 8 of the racers kind and 2 of the technic. The accommodation of the engines are 4 axes: the rear line has got 4 racers engines, the 2nd axis has got 3 racers engines, the 3rd has got 2 technic engines and in the front axis there is the last racers engine. The wheels are 15: their accommodation is 5-4-3-2-1.

The GM27 has got a lot of numbers: you can find 01, 5, 8, 13, 34 and 45. It’s got a lot of bright and colourful stickers.

The functions are three:

  • you can let the car run;
  • you can change the angle of the orange ailerons;
  • you can unroll the cable tow bar.

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And…what else? Oh yes, of course, I’ll post more photos and other things in the updates.

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