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Medieval Townhouse - Restaurant & Veterinarian


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The old, medieval town centres of many cities across central Europe, with their leaning, half-timbered houses, are famous around the world. People from all over the globe travel here to visit cities like Rothenburg, Colmar, Esslingen or Quedlinburg.
This project pays tribute to the old, storied buildings that make the inner cities of these towns so charming. With this set, you can recreate the flair of those cities at home!

So come and enter the Medieval Townhouse!
Even after centuries, this building is still chock full of life, being the home to an asian restaurant, a veterinarian and an apartment.

The ground floor features an asian restaurant, complete with kitchen, two bathrooms (one located under the stairs, which are hinged for better access), several tables and an elaborate wooden counter. The asian theme of the restaurant asserts itself by the use of smoked-glass windows with asian imagery, two huge dragon murals, an old samurai sword, and two golden discs. There also is a beautiful outside seating area, located on top of an old wine cellar. In the shade of the overgrown wooden roof guests can enjoy their meal literally above the busy street life.
The floor of the main restaurant area is tiled at a 45° angle - a real eyecatcher!

One floor up is the veterinarians office. This floor features a sleek, modern reception desk with PC workstation and a filing cabinet, a waiting area with clock, and, of course, the huge veterinarians office itself with a desk, an examination table and a working area complete with sink and overhead cupboard.

The top floor features a fully furnished apartment. The living room includes a bookcase, guitar and amp, large sofa and dining table. A fully furnished kitchen, a small home office and of course the bedroom area complete the flat.
The entire roof, including the front and back gable walls, can be removed for easy access on this floor!

This building displays some typical features of medieval, half-timbered architecture:

  • jettying of the upper floors
  • a steep, gabled roof
  • a big window beneath the gable which was used to haul in goods (the uppermost floors were used for storage)
  • stone-built ground-floor

Time did not just pass it by - the facade was adorned with decorations in later centuries, emphasizing the windows and even adding a recessed alcove for the statue of a fabled knight.
Please note: The building is entirely fictional. It is inspired by the general building style and details of several real life buildings.

This set includes 7 + 1 minifigures and 3 animals:

  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Kitchen help
  • Veterinarian
  • Receptionist and her cat
  • Owner of the upstairs apartment and his dog
  • His girlfriend and her dog
  • + the knight's statue

As depicted, the set consists of about 2900 parts. Through parts optimization and omission of the tiling of the upper floors, this can be reduced by several hundred pieces easily.


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