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Big Sculpture Skeleton


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Do you remember the old LEGO sculptures Series? As companion for the 3723 Guy, now there will be a skeleton like the minifigure original. Perfect for Halloween or Dios de los Muertos, or as a villain for your other big figures.

I build mine with a lot of very old LEGO bricks, so please be gentle to the little yellowed 60ths bricks. For the final product, I would prefer white bricks. And no tubeless bricks or turntables without stands.

Like the minifigure, the arms are made with ball connects, I tried to make the arms lightweight, so in a range you can set the arms in different variants. Of course, you can turn the head. A tricky thing was the lower back. There is a 10ths length technic axle, so the torso is fixed very well.

I think the model could be made with less than 1000 bricks. It's about 46 cm high.

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