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Pegasus Knights Training Ground


Pegasus knights training ground

Training ground of the legendary Pegasus knights. There is a vast amount of training opportunities for the knights and their companions.

The bond between a knight and its Pegasus is the most valuable thing for a Pegasus knight. Women knights get this bond in a favorable manner and therefore most Pegasus knights are female. According to the legend, this is the place where the first Pegasus knight met and bonded with its Pegasus. It is said that this first knight still protects a secret monumental treasure.

This set offers various training opportunities to practice and master the skills of the knights and the Pegasus. It contains a mountain source with clear water. As well as a concealed entrance to the mountain treasure. The fireplace and accompanying tree serve as recreation space for the knights.

The set contains the following minifgures:

·   3 Pegasus
·   3 Pegasus knights
·    1 skeletal Pegasus knight

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