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Alien Mothership


Here is an idea for a space theme, inspired by previous lego UFO and aliens sets. This set is meant to be of moderate size to be affordable and also adapted for children. It is the 3rd of the serie and has about 500 pieces

It features a detailed interior with a reactor, computers and various tools. (star wars stickers are placeholders)

The green brick stands for a light brick (red light) it shines all the way through the saucer, and through that hole at the bottom.

Prints used for the minifg are of course placeholders, the 3 minifigs on the left should be aliens (though they could have some robot parts too) with a battle outfit and a threatening look. The helmets and shoulder pads should emphasize the scary look.

The other minifig is a battle droid. it looks tough, but unlike the aliens, doesn't have especially scary features, apart from possible heavy artillery (and cannon-arms)


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