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Landscape Diorama With Big Bench

Hi Everyone!

I decided to create as a LEGO Idea a green hill on a cliff protected by a fence and a red and blue big bench built on the hill.

Discovering the landscapes on a big bench is an incredible experience. It's a new way to discover our territories, including hills and mountains.

This idea comes in two parts: the landscape and the big bench.

For me, the ideal place for the landscape is on a bookcase where it can be used as a bookend.

The big bench can be removed from the landscape base and shown anywhere, on a desk, for example.

In order to add more modularity to the set, the big bench can be built with different colors for the feet and the backrest. So, the builder can mix the colors for the build of the big bench and create the model he likes the most.

In addition, this set contains two minifigures, a boy and a girl. They can be seated on the backrest of the bench with the 12-plate or fixed on the landscape thanks to the lime jumper plates placed on the grass.

The model is built using Studio 2.0 software and images are rendered with Photoreal.

The landscape consists of 1150 parts and measures 32 x 20 x 24 studs (LxWxH).

The big bench consists of 137 parts and measures 12.6 x 9.4 x 11.6 studs (LxWxH).

I think this idea could be a great LEGO set because it describes a very elegant and decorative landscape.

I took a large pleasure to build the bench and the landscape and I hope you will take the same if this idea becomes a real LEGO set.

Thank you for supporting me!

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