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Cinema House

Since I was a child I have always liked the cinema, I imagined having one and living above it. 
With this design I wanted to be a child again and merge it with my great passion, which is LEGO. 
I present my design: 

It is a New York style building, on the facade we can see the movie poster, the box office, the entrance doors to the cinema and on the left side the door that gives access to the apartment stairs. 
When you enter the cinema you find the store made up of a popcorn machine and a soda machine, a counter and cash register. To your right we have a sofa, movie posters and a direct entrance to the flat. 
We will also have an old movie machine on display. On the left side is the door that gives access to the cinema room consisting of seats, screen, projector, speakers and lighting. 

The second floor is a minimalist apartment owned by the owner of the cinema, with a lot of color. Kitchen-dining room, sofa, television, several paintings, a piano, bathroom and a room. 
On the roof we can see a skylight that gives light to the apartment and the typical air ducts. 
There are 11 figures spread between the cinema and the apartment. 


2840 pieces 
25 cm depth 
44 cm wide 
28 cm high 
If you like the project as much as I do, i would appreciate your vote and your dissemination on networks. 
Thanks a lot!!! 


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