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The Great British Holiday "A Summer's Day"


Caravan holidays have been popular in the UK for many years. This is shown by the vast amount of caravan parks and campsites around the British Isles.

This model depicts a 3 bedroom ABI Horizon caravan - which is exclusively designed for one of the nation's leading holiday companies, Bourne Leisure, the parent company of Haven. It depicts a family of six (mum, dad, grandad and three children) enjoying the sun outside the caravan on a hot summer day. It includes 1 caravan (with detailed interior), 1 family car, 6 minifigures, 1 balcony (partly attached to the caravan), 1 "remote control" car, 1 swing-ball set, 2 bikes, and an assortment of trees and flowers, all set on a baseboard depicting a caravan plot and road section.

The caravan is a 3 bedroom model, and has an open-plan living space - with kitchen, chairs, TV and dining room as well as opening cupboards and detailed bedrooms. 

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