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Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack


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Welcome to Gravity Falls, Oregon: Home of the Mystery Shack! Gravity Falls is a show I have loved ever since the day it was released. The characters are so unique and fun and every episode seemed new and interesting. Naturally, I wanted to represent the mystery of the show by creating a LEGO model of the iconic Mystery Shack.

The Mystery Shack includes 1284 pieces, complete with a side build of the Mystery Golf Cart to aid you in your escape from the greedy Gnomes of the forest. The interior is completely furnished with a bedroom for Dipper and Mabel, a living room, and of course the Souvenir Shop where you can buy totally not fake merchandise. The rear facing roof and wall can be removed for easy access to the inside.

Minifigures included in the set include Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Wendy, Gruncle Stan, and of course the lovable piggy Waddles.

I know we can get this set to 10,000 supporters in hopes of it becoming an actual LEGO set. I appreciate all of the support and hope you all want to see this become an actual set just as much as I do.   

(The signs on the top of the shack should be printed or stickered to give design needed for the accuracy of the show. I am just not talented enough to do that myself :P)

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