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UCS Dragon of Snow


 What a wonderful time it is. For some, the weather has gone cold, and snow is settling on the ground. The children are outside playing, as their parents lay on the couch, carefree. But unbeknownst to them all, the bringer of Snow lies asleep, the laughter of children soothing his senses.

As the time for Winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, I figured this Dragon would be a good build. With his snow white scales, his twirling whiskers, his lazy eyes, and relaxed expression, he is a wonderful example of the untamed beast that dwells with the sheep.

Around him, kids are gathering snowballs to through at each other. Using his limbs as a barrier, they hord as much snow as they can. Between them lies a wonderful Christmas tree, with a golden Angel on top. And despite the parents' warnings, they're going to play around it.

However, with their laughter, teases and such, they wake the Dragon. He gives a big yawn, showing his red tongue. But instead of running, the kids begin to pet him. And back to sleep he goes.

I hope you like this presentation of this Dragon. If you are a fan of my UCS Creatures sets, or appreciated this one, please go check out the following. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

P.S. - All the info given is from December 11, 2015

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