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Mariachi Duo

Take a break from your busy day to enjoy some inspiring Mariachi music. The legendary traveling due, Maria and her alpaca Mullido, are in town to entertain and recharge your spirit. So grab a blanket and head down to the village plaza to unwind, share some gossip, or simply relax. You don't want to miss the show!

No one can resist the encouraging sounds of true mariachi music that comes from the soul. And now, you too can immerse yourself in the traditional melodies and lyrics of country-side life. Maria is the singer-songwriter equipped with maracas to keep the beat, while Mullido is a virtuoso with his guitar.

The joints are movable, but remain sturdy from the use of hinged cylinders whenever possible. The tiles on the base stand allow for various poses, while providing studs for support. Custom decal was created for the skirt.

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