Product Idea |

Concept Copter

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my first Concept Helicopter. It took months to build, upgrade and see if I had enough bricks for this construction.
You might see some pieces are age-coloured: I had nothing better and I put all my effort in hiding the most yellowish sides of the white bricks.
This is a 70 centimeter long helicopter which features:

-Moving rotor
-Retractable landing gear
-Simple and realistic cockpit
-Detachable rotor and ceiling
-Moving entry and bathroom doors
-Detailed executive interior 
-Detailed rotor blades

Due to the big size of the helicopter I found it difficult to take photos, so I had to create a background like that. 
This is completely my design and it's not a replica of any existing helicopter, it came entirely from my imagination. 
I built this because I deeply love any flying machine and it would make an interesting and complex set.

Hope you enjoy it. 
Be safe.

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