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Y-Nose Jet Fighter


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Y-Nose Jet Fighter

Hi everybody! I am pleased to introduce you my second project on LEGO ideas. This model refers to a fictitious Jet Fighter.

Main Features

Bricks:            375 approx. for the aircraft / 575 approx. for the complete set.     

Size:               32 cm (length), 27 cm (width), 1.5 cm min. – 5.5 cm max (high).

Model:            Single-seat fighter

Weapons:       4 rockets and 2 bombs.

The aircraft’s forward end is referred as Y-Nose because it has two maintenance hatches protruding laterally from the front end. Each maintenance hatch is provided with an air inlet for supplying the jet engine.

The aircraft’s wing flaps are joined to a gear system which can be manipulated by two linked wheels located under the wings. The flaps move up or down in a rotary movement by turning the wheels in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction respectively.    

In front of the cockpit there is a trap door that provides access to the jet engine.

The set includes a portable ventilation unit equipped with a flexible house for supplying air to the jet engine during maintenance operations.


Jet-Fighter’s Pilot.

Jet-Fighter’s Mechanic.


I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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