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As a child I wished to be an actual astronaut, and I always dreamed of visiting another planets. I did not have my own setup, where I could have play to be on an intergalactic ship. Probably that's why I liked to climb up on trees. The higher the better, to get closer to the stars. I was just staying there sometimes for hours to look around from a higher position. When it got dark enough, I was starring at the stars. This was my way to be on a spaceship.

This memory inspired my RockeTree, that is a tree imagined as a rocket.
I carved the letters G & M in a hart onto it. This is a reference to my wife and myself. I would never do that to an actual tree, so this was a great opportunity to do it virtually.

If we count a minifigure with a hat as 4 parts, then this model has exactly 250 bricks in it. :)
Not considering the custom decals, all parts is actually existing in the color used. The only exceptions are the 2 half cones on top.

Let me know what you think of it!

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