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RC Halftrack


From clearing snow to pulling heavy loads, this Halftrack Truck can get the job done. Pull over 4 pounds/1.8 Kilograms on the included goose neck trailer. Get out of any tight situation with the 16 inch/42 cm winch. Clear any area with a 6.5 inch/ 17 cm snow plow. Be prepared for every obstacle with a pair of bright headlights.

Top of cab opens; doors open; seats flip forward to access wiring and control switch for tracks. Gearing allows switch between winch and snow plow. Specialty suspension system on the tracks. Remote control driving. Gooseneck trailer has twist up/down jack, chains to secure load, and folding ramps. 

Included Power Functions:
(2) XL Motors
(1) Servo Motor
(1) Control Switch
(1) Light
(1) Extension Wire
(1) AA Battery Box
(1) IR Remote Control
(1) IR Receiver


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