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Medieval Micro Modulars

The Medieval Micro Modulars (short MMM) are a new line of highly detailed microscale buildings in a medieval setting.

What's shown here could be a complete set including all the buildings or a line of up to five smaller sets. This can be expanded any time with new buildings and other sets like a market place, a town wall or maybe even a castle!

Each of the five parts consists of a building based on an 8x8 plate and an equally sized street piece. Each building is styled individually using interesting colors and building techniques to reach a convincingly detailed look. The streets are populated by trees, wells, market stalls, animals like donkeys (can pull hay carts), sheep or goats and colorfully clothed microfigures (including a guard with a lance)!

Each building consists of about 200-250 pieces (including street and accessories), so this would be very affordable and reasonably sized sets. Plus the built model doesn't take much space to display. All in all you could build up quite a big city! It would even be possible to smuggle in one or two models of real historical buildings...

Support this and get your own LEGO Medieval Micro Modulars real soon!

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