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Rocky Mountaineer 4-10-2 Steam Locomotive

This is my "Rocky Mountaineer 4-10-2 Locomotive". I have been working on this project for a long time now, and have gone through many iterations. I have always loved Steam Trains and I have always loved LEGO, so when I finally was able to afford a powerful enough computer, I went to work refining the vision in my head. I got the colour scheme from an old toy train I've had since I was a kid and have always admired. The design concept I got from the trains that would've had to cross the treacherous Rocky Mountains in the late 1800s.

Even though I have been inspired by many things, the design is completely from my imagination. The thing I love about this set, is that it finds the perfect balance between a skilfully detailed adult set, and a fun set that kids would love to put together. The model is in complete minifigure scale and is a wonderful shelf piece that a LEGO enthusiast would love to have. Or an amazing addition to a LEGO City diorama. Also of note is that all the wheels, drive wheels, axles and pistons function as they should do, they are not just for looks, they work! I do also have 7 passenger cars, dining cars, sleeper cars, mail cars and a luxury caboose designed for this set as well.

The model was built in Studio 2.0 and the pictures are from the rendering software. I also added 1 extra picture of the original colour concept, but LEGO does not make those bricks in those colours, so I had to make a version that used all real and buyable bricks. I have made dozens of different makes and models of trains, some based off of real trains, other from my imagination. But this one has to be my favourite one that I have done so far!

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