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Football Field, Cutout Vignette

Superbowl, football time. 2 hobbies I like, Lego and football. So it was a must have for me, a field in lego. There are some fields in lego, but with studs on top. This version is snoted, so the lines are thinner than building it studs on top.

Here comes a football field in minifig scale. All important details inculde (goal, players, cheerleader etc.), studs for minifigs (can build easy @other places on the field).
Bltzburgh is the nickname of one of my fav teams "Pittsburgh Steeler". Maybe it can be changed to "football", so not onley steelers fans may like it.
Also I have a model with steelers logo, but if Lego would use it, they have to buy the (very expensive?) licence. So I only choose "neutral" symbols. Neither nfl logo :-)

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