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Samurai X 2.0

Another build from one of my Ninjago stories that I read to my kids at bedtime. I tried to get as close as possible to the image I had in my head of the mech Nya built. As for the description and the motives behind the features, I thought it would be best if Nya explained it:

Nya: “I know what you’re all thinking and you’re right; this mech is unlike anything I’ve built before. He’s quite dark, but I was in a bit of a dark place when I built him. He’s also smaller than most of our recent mechs, which was intentional.
“Over the last few years our mechs have become bigger and bulkier with every new build, which looked impressive, but the increased size made them heavy and sluggish; they required more power and more gears to make them move, more fuel and bigger batteries to keep them going. So, with this guy I started from scratch with only the bare essentials and built him up from there.
“He is more compact, which makes him nimbler, but he’s still plenty powerful. And I added some seriously state-of-the-art tech. Not any AI, mind you—honestly, I wouldn’t even know how to do that; I’m no Cyrus Borg or Dr. Julien, that’s for sure—but I did upload a whole host of battle scenarios and dozens of preprogrammed moves for almost any situation he might be faced with in a fight. I gave him extra boosters, so he's fast and strong. He also has fewer but more effective weapons. Oh, and I gave him wheels; that way he doesn’t have to run with bone-jarring impact, but can skate instead, which is—one—faster, two—softer on the kidneys of the operator, and—three—kinder to the road surface, which in turn means fewer repairs for the city council after one of our battles.”

As for me, ZeeVee, when it comes to things like LEGO mechs and creatures, I love to have lots of articulation that enables movement, posability, and playability. I love builds that can convey attitude and emotion just by making small changes to the way they stand or in the angle of the head, so that’s what I tried to achieve here. I hope you like it.

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