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Mountain Lodge


This is a LEGO model of a lodge in the mountains, a beautiful place to go on vacation or as a home! 

The lodge itself is built on rocks, grey pieces, in a variety of shapes and shades to make the mountain seem even more rocky. The stairs leading  up to the lodge are mostly plates so that they are minifigure scale. The balcony/deck area off to the side of the lodge is on some grey sloping pieces and nice round posts that hold it up. The stairs for that are sloped pieces on a hinged plate.

The river uses many small pieces. It uses blue, grey and black plates that are covered in tiles and plates that are clear or a variety of shades of translucent blue. I even put these small plates and tiles under the bridge. The bridge uses brown pieces to keep with the wood theme of the architecture. It has brick molded pieces and round pieces in two shades of brown.

There is much foliage around the lodge, plant stalks that are used to represent grass and flowers. The same flower pieces are also used decoratively on the second story of the lodge.

The main floor of the lodge, when coming in the door, there is a small beverage stand and two chairs. There is a nice fireplace to keep the lodge warm. Two decorative tiles on the wall represent a clock and a picture. There is also a small table with cookies on it. I imagine these cookies to be freshly baked. A family heirloom weapon hangs on the wall, for decorative purposes only.

The second story of the lodge has two beds and a printed map tile piece for decoration. Also there is a torch for light, heat and decoration. 

The roof is made of 16x8 tiles and a variety of white tiles and plates. White slopes and bricks decorate the front of the roof as well. The white pieces represent snow. I imagine this to be mid-day when some but not all of the snow has melted. The upper front section of the lodge has a balcony and decoative plant pieces. There is also the symbol of the lodge made with golden wing pieces.

  • The whole model is on a 32x32 baseplate
  • 22 cm tall
  • lots of fun

I hope you like and support my mountain lodge! Thanks for checking out my project!

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