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Sci-Fi Soldiers with Mech


Please Either Read All Of This Or None Of This.

(Before all else, I would like to apologize for the main image. It is obnoxious, and really doesn't depict the soldiers all that well, but at this point, I do not know what else to do to get people's attention. 

I have already made a short video featuring an earlier version of the blue soldier, and you can watch it here:

https:// www. youtube .com/watch?v=N5JUB0eLKM4 [Just delete the spaces if you want the url. I don't want the video showing up on here.])

What This Project Is:

These are some sci fi proto soldiers I made based on a figure design I had made a while ago. These fit into my Time War game, and are specifically designed with the aspects of the game in mind. They would be the main characters. (If you want to know more about Time War, take a look at my Time War: Animals project.)

They are fully articulated, fairly sturdy, and pretty good-looking color and shape wise. They all have unique legs and could have unique arms if I had the right pieces. They have bending elbows and knees, legs that can swivel back and forth, arms that can swivel forward and backward or sideways away from the torso (due to being held on by rubber bands), and rotating necks and waists. They all have varying levels of armor.

Each soldier has personal strengths and attributes, blasters and gear:

| Color: Red | Name: Demolitionist/Bazookaman | Strength: Very High Strength | Weapon: Energy Bazooka | Secondary Weapon: Energy Explosive launcher | Gear: Energy Explosives, Energy Shell Launcher, Light Wrist Rocket, Explosive Gel, Wire, Radio |

| Color: Orange | Name: Medic/Diplomat | Strength: Very High Influence | Tool: Energy Shield | Secondary Tool: Medical Bag | Gear: Energy Shield Projector, Hover Stretcher, Medicinal Vials, Syringe, Healing Bandages, Splints, Breathing Apparatus, Needles, Ointments, Radio |

| Color: Yellow | Name: Mechanic/Pilot | Strength: Very High Intelligence | Tool: Energy Omnitool (On Arm) | Secondary Weapon: Energy Blaster Rifle | Gear: Wrench Attachments (for Omnitool), Welder Attachments, Soldering Iron Attachments, Drill Attachments, Screws, Hammer, Wire, Oil, Flashlight, Radio |

| Color: Green | Name: Sniper/Scout | Strength: Very High Range | Weapon: Energy Sniper❋ | Secondary Weapon: Energy Crossbow | Gear: Heavy Jetpack, Binoculars, Scope, Infrared Night Vision Attachment, Backpack, Survival Pack, Energy Bolt Quiver, Flashlight, Flares, Batteries, Radio |

| Color: Blue | Name: Gunner/Trooper | Strength: Very High Health | Weapon: Energy Rapid-Fire Blaster | Secondary Weapon: (Another!) Energy Rapid-Fire Blaster | Gear: Energy Shield, Energy Shield Projector, Ammunition Packs, Turret Stands, Radio |

| Color: Purple | Name: Special Ops/Spy | Strength: Very High Speed | Weapons: 2 Energy Silenced Pistols | Secondary Weapon: Energy Knife | Gear: Light Jetpack, Magnetic Padded Boots, Taser, Magnetizer, Extending Claw, Light Tranquilizer Gun, Steel-Threaded Cable, Grappling Hook, Light Smoke Bombs, Listening Device, Camera, Radio |


Concerning the large mech robot, it is for the blue soldier, since I made blue first. It can actually transform into a ship, using its laser-gun arms as engines (it has enough power, since it’s powered by an “energy crystal” [Yes I know that sounds cheesy, as do many other names in this project]). It is also fully articulatedand functional; the legs can fold up easily, and the arms are heavy and have rapid-fire guns on them that can rotate to double as sort of shredders.

If this gets enough support, I will attempt to make more mechs for the rest of the soldiers, even though I don’t currently have enough pieces (I guess I could try to make them in, but I build better with physical bricks). The mechs do and will have the same strengths as their respective soldiers.

❋ A Notably Notable Note You Should Take Note Of: All of the weapons in this project are sci-fi based. In other words, they all shoot lasers, even the bazooka, which launches a giant laser ball that explodes in an energy wave. These types of weapons are all found in [the theme concerning a war that takes place in the stars], which this site uses as its model.