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Le Petit Trianon


The "Petit Trianon" is a small castle  and is a part of the Chateau de Versailles.

It was built in a quiet place of the domain of the main Chateau and used to be the private residence of the famous Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette queen.

This set is a "realistic" interpretation of this "romantic" mid 18th century monument.

I designed it as a "Lego Architecture" product serie.
Each facade are a bit different, just like the real building, and is one of its specifities.
It is a high scale set as I wanted it really detailed and playable with the minifigures.

Little historical life scenes are visible all around the castle:
-The Architect "Jacques Ange Gabriel" presents to King Louis 15th a mini model of the castel and explains the "work in progress".
-Marie Antoinette surrounded by her "Favorites" are appreciating the perspective of the gardens.

Please find here informations about it:

I had tons of fun and pleasure building this massive set as I'm passionnate by this kingdom...
I hope you'll also appreciate this very classic French style Chateau...

Thank you for reading and supporting !

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