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Mini Golf


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~~Play your way round the world on this crazy mini-golf set.  There are 9 holes of golf, each with a famous structure from countries around the world.

The round starts in Denmark with a representation of the Red Lego 2x4 brick before moving on to:
- Paris and the Arc De Triomphe
- Pisa with its leaning tower
- The valley of the kings in Egypt with a progression of sphynx and a ‘Pylon’ gate to enter the temple
- Sydney and its’ harbour bridge
- Japan and the temple gate at Itsukushima
- Easter Island and the famous standing heads
- To New York and the Flat Iron building
- Before finishing in Mexico at El Castillo, the Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza.

As is common in mini-golf this last hole will keep the ball (though it can be extracted from a flap).

The holes will work with a ball of 4 – 6mm diameter (I used a spherical bead to test them). Also the holes are built individually before locating on the base plates so they can be used on a desk or table if you do not have space for 6 48x48 plates in this configuration. To play you can build a simple golf stick but I found it best to flick the ball with my finger.

The model as shown has approx. 2200bricks and is set on 6 48x48 baseplates. However it would be feasible for LEGO to split this model into smaller collectable parts, e.g., each hole and then the base, pay booth and bandstand.

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