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Happy 2016!


Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I created this project and I'm glad to see a few new supporters, thanks!

At this moment there are less than 100 days left. I still hope this project will eventually reach the needed amount of support, since I think it can be a great set that many people will enjoy!

So please support and have a happy 2016!


62 supporters!

A long path to go to reach the 10000..

Oh well, I had fun building and designing it.


Almost 50!

49 supporters who's gonna be #50?

Please help sharing this project with your friends and family.



Thanks for your support and great comments!

Here are some of the comments:

"This is great! My daughter adores the Lego rabbits, and this is the only set I've seen where the carrots can be used underground. Nice job with building!" - kitschwheeler (Lego Ideas)

"I love sets with multiple useable levels. This is ridiculously cute and I'd buy it in a heartbeat. " - emlit (Lego Ideas)

"That is very cute and looks amazing! Good luck! I hope you get lots of support!" - MiniLopMad (RabbitsOnline)

"I really like this set, both the concept and the build. This is exactly the type of set I like to see on Lego Ideas instead of all the proprietary stuff. You've got my support, good luck with the campaign!" - MADsc13nce (reddit)

Remember to share this project with your friends & family and hopefully, with your support, it will one day become a real Lego set!



Duplo Rabbit visiting Lego Rabbit

Duplo Rabbit is visiting Lego Rabbit!


Another photo

A better look at the butterfly and the frog..