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Seaside Hover Crane

I Imagine a post-apocalyptical Era. There is no actual war but rather people who are really of using cheap methods to get what they want. Businesses like the dock run normal as well as everything else... at least on paper. Anyways, Gin Carter is the Dock manager for our west coast. While to the normal eye everything seems fine, wealthy youngsters hungry for power are constantly taking his dock hostage to bargain with his uncle who owns T.T.D., (Timely Transport Division), a very important recourse these days. Officially N.W. Docks is a neutral area and therefore cannot have "weapons", but these youngsters were wrecking Gin's business. After Gin scared a salesman off his dock with a water bottle, He then got an Idea to protect his dock from these young Hooligans, He added squirt guns to his Dock's cranes! Officially these H20Compressors are for putting out enflamed oil tankers that endanger the harbor. Unofficially these water gatlings will put out anything that endangers the harbor. weather it's a mile away or in their face, the compressed water will can through any metal. Now that's a smart guy!

Set includes: Dock with 6 crates, 3 minifigures, claw attachment for garbage bags, realistic safety features on dock and Crane, Plastic balls beneath crane legs give the vehicle the illusion of hovering and allow it to roll freely in any direction, Crane arm telescopes in and out as well as up and down, Crane top rotates 360 degrees, Cab interior fits minifigure, Cab interior has fold away detailed controls.

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