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Zenith GTS-4

This is my third Zenith project to come by into Lego Ideas, and it may just as well be my best.


The GTS-4 is designed for speed and performance. It's aerodynamic shape helps the cooling system and helps keep all four wheels on the ground. The GTS-4 has an unmoving rear wing which is designed to give full grip on the wheels. It is red an white with yellow front lights. The design is based on the 1960's Le Mans race scheme.


The GTS-4 has a 439 brake horsepower V8 engine. The car is capable of reaching speeds of even 200 MPH but is limited to 180 because it doesn't have a good safety rating. The 5 litre engine is also actually very economic, because it has an average fuel consumption of 9 and a half liters per a hundred KM. It even has four wheel drive as the name suggests.

                    Why I built it.

I built the GTS-4 because I wanted a cool car that I could play with. So I built the wonderful GTS-4.

   Why I think it would be a great set.

I think it would be a great set for those who like me love the smell of rubber and petrol but are too young to have a real car.

WARNING: Vehicle fits only the head of a Minifigure.

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