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Volkswagen Golf Mk1 -Stanced


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What is this madness?

This euro-styled Volkswagen Golf is ready to hit the streets... or at least your bricks! It has all the camber you could dream of, a detailed engine, rad fender flares, and enough sass to fill an Olympic swimming pool. Maybe even two.

Great, but what does it do?

The Golf has an opening trunk, doors, and hood. It rolls, and has working double wishbone independent suspension. Inside the car, there's a sturdy rollcage and a glovebox for your amusement.

Details, details, details.

To ensure realism, the Golf is packed with little details that make the whole package better.

  • Red Gti Trim
  • Rear View Mirrors
  • Firewall Painted in the Colours of the German Flag
  • Front Spoiler
  • Aftermarket Turbocharger
  • Checkerboard Floormats
  • Backseat Delete

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