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Discovery on Zar


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Story- After a recent crash landing on the uncharted planet Zar, Space Guy, and his sidekick Mr. Hoppy are wandering through the apparently uninhabited crater valleys of the planet. While passing a particularly large crater, they notice an alienlike vehicle tilted on the incline. Although the crater wall is steep, the prongs at the end of the strange, spidery, walker's legs keep it firmly anchored in the rock. Space Guy immediately whips out his LBA (Laser Beam Analysis) device to scan its material properties and energy source. He immediately discovers that it's primarily constructed of titanium and steel, but when he tries analyzing its energy source he gets an intriguing readout: error-error energy source unidentifiable.                                                                                                                                                     Meanwhile, Mr. Hoppy notices some strange red crystals embedded in the rock, and hops over to investigate.

Elsewhere, a dark silhouette speaks to his fellow companions in a garbled language: "they have found evidence, gather arms!"                              

includes- 1 mini figure (space guy), 1 brick built mini figure scale alien (Mr. Hoppy), 1 brick built alien walker, and 1 brick built display of 2 red crystals embedded in a rock.                                                                                  

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