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Hero Factory Team Pack/Mack Wolf

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Hello everyone. As you go down the page, the first thing you will read is about Mack Wolf, the character that is listed for production. After him, you will come upon the rest of his team, and read about them, too. Each of these are based off of a fellow Cuusoo user that has been following me. Enjoy.

Mack Wolf (based off of MachineWolf7), and is an impressive hero. Considered to be Garth Hunter's brother, he, too, has the ability to communicate to dogs, though he is not as fluent as his brother. Mack Wolf was made to search the galaxy for alien brains that had not been sent to Macuhero City. After analyzing the canisters the brains came in, it was determined that they had come from no further than twenty-thousand light-years away. He, as well as a few other heroes, have been sent to find and examine brains in their natural habitat. As of yet, none of them have found any promising signs.

Mack Wolf has been sent to a jungle planet in Galactic Sector Pheta.

Mack Wolf has an interesting build. Stronger than even Bulk, Mack provides 2 tons of force with one hand, a total of 4 tons of crushing power. His advanced hearing, smell, taste, and sonic pulses allow him to detect the most advanced stealth technology created. Nothing can hide from him. But with his bladed flail, brute strength and advanced senses, I can understand why someone would try.

Now to meet the rest of the team.

First, we have James Sonic (in honor of supersonic11). Sonic is the owner of a component that is more advanced than any that a fellow hero has: his core carries four times the amount of energy than a normal hero. This energy is directed into two particle accelerators that boost him forward at half the speed of sound. He also carries an energy staff, and a photon cannon that is powered by a normal quaza core.

Next is Rick Bricore (in honor of BrickCore99). The only Cyclops Hero in the Hero Factory, he makes up for this disadvantage by his high-tech gear. He has a long-range jetpack on his back that can go for a million miles. In his right hand he carries a stunner to over-charge criminals. His left wrist carries a wrist rifle that fires from two barrels, one at a time.

James Sonic was sent to Galactic Sector Alpha, the center of the galaxy, as his particle accelerator somehow makes him immune to the affects of a Black Hole. Meanwhile, Rick Bricore has been sent to the technological Planetary System known as the Techno System in Galactic Sector Tau.

The fourth member of this team is Steve Mania, an agile, ninja-like hero, who seeks to match up his skills with the well known Evo. Though in no way technologically advanced, he is skilled in almost every style of sword fighting in existence, from Samurai, to Lakauta (Lah-cow-tah). The only range weapon he uses are the star shooters on his wrist that shoot shuriken.

Last is the Shadow Hunter. Seen here getting ready for a mission, he has not yet put on the cape that he wears. On his wrist is a scanner/communicator that allows him to either scan for things he can't see, or communicate with the Hero Factory head-quarters. He carries with him a plasma blaster, and a stun stick. The plasma blaster can fire at a max rate of 1 shot per second, else he risks over heating it. The stun stick is designed to be used as a katana, and absorbs energy from anything it comes in contact with, including radiation from a nuclear weapon. The Shadow Hunter also has the abilities (sight, hearing, smell, stealth) of a Black Panther.

Steve Mania has been sent to explore Galactic Sectors Omicron and Pi, sectors controlled by a peaceful empire of Lakauta warriors. Hero Factory figured that his training in their method of fighting would allow him to form a stronger connection with the people than any other hero. Meanwhile, the Shadow Hunter has been sent to a nebula that fills all of Galactic Sector Lambda. There are life supporting planets within the Lambda Nebula that have a similar biological structure to the brains. However, no explorer has ever seen such a creature in that area. The nebula creates an overcast of shadow, allowing no light on the surface of the planets inside. But with the Shadow Hunter's experience in darkness, and his Panther abilities, he is the ideal choice for this mission.

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