Product Idea

Raptor Landing Pad with Power Generator #1

"The first power generator on HDPegasi2053 is up and running!"
David Mars, Raptor pilot and commander of the starship Voyager.

What is this?
This is a landing pad for a Raptor with a control room and power generator.
Why did I build this?
I built this because I had seen a base that I had built for a contest in my state and I had a really cool spaceship design. I decided to build a landing pad for it, and then a control room, and then a second level, and then a power generator.
Why do I believe this would make a great set?
I think that this would make a great set because it is detailed, very playable, and kids of all ages would love it!

Unfortunately, I couldn't upload all the images of this because I have sooo many, but keep an eye on the updates tab, and I will add the rest as soon as possible after this goes live.

This build has a Raptor, a landing pad, 2 control rooms, one for the Raptor and one for the power generator, a nuclear power core, 6 minifigures, and a hand-turned crankshaft with gears on it.

Keep building and have fun!