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Fanged Pitcher Plant

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The fanged pitcher plant (scientific name Nepenthes Bicalcarata) is an endangered type of pitcher plant with distinct (though not bony, and therefore not dangerous,) fangs. One weird thing about it is that it has a partnership with ants. Camonotus Schmitzi is a species of carpenter ants that help the plant break down food, eat stuff off the rim and fangs of the plant to keep them slippery, and in return get to live in a hollow part of the plants' stem, as you can see here: This set shows 1 Nepenthis Bicalcarata with 1 pitcher, plus a fly and a spider for its prey. This set is about half life sized, as the pitcher reaches 25 cm high and 18 wide. I think this would make a great set because of its accuracy, plus the fact that it brings attention to a seemingly terrifying but actually fascinating plant. Oh, and I built this set just for fun.

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