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Lofi Girl - Desk Organizer

Besides the years of studying and relaxing listening to the Lofi Girl stream, I've always found the aesthetic of it interesting, and the background city reminds me of some places from where I live (Portugal), Lisbon or Coimbra are two good examples.  As so, it was time to pay my tribute, by building this LEGO set.

In order for this build to have some practical use, a two-level desk organizer has been added. Contrary to the stream, where a city is visible through the window, here the Lofi Girl sees the same as us! Images shown above were rendered from various angles of the build using Studio. One of the images has the city of Lisbon (my hometown!) as a background.

This build contains:

  • Bedroom
  1. Desk w/ objects
  2. Desk chair
  3. Bed
  4. Bookcase
  5. Shelf
  6. Rug
  7. Paintings/pictures
  8. Window
  9. Lofi Girl minifigure
  10. Cat

  • Desk Organizer
  1. Level one
  2. Level two

I hope that you like this idea! Thank you!

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